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                                                                 NJ Youth Soccer Association KidSafe Volunteer Disclosure Form

Spotswood Soccer Club is required by the NJ Youth Soccer Association ( to collect a  Volunteer Disclosure Form as a requirement of the KidSafe Program. The KidSafe Program has been designed to help ensure that any and all volunteers and employees of any youth soccer association do not pose a threat to the children in the program (nor to any other adults) because of previous criminal activities they committed.

Each year Spotswood Soccer Club will distribute and collect the forms from anyone serving as an Executive Board Member, Coaching Volunteer as part of this process. The form requests the following information:

·Full Name (first, last, middle initial, salutation)

·Full Address (street, town/city, state, zip code)

·Home Phone Number

·Date of Birth • Social Security Number

·Driver’s License Info (License #, State issued in, date of expiration)

 There are also questions about previous volunteer experience, experience with soccer, previous residences, and if the volunteer has a criminal record.

A form must be submitted at least once a year. If a volunteer submits a form as part of the preparation for the Fall season, the document is considered valid until August of the following year. If the form is submitted in preparation for a Spring season it is valid until August of that year, and another form must later be submitted if the volunteer returns for the Fall season of that same year.

A single individual from Spotswood Soccer Executive Board has the responsibility to review the forms and make sure that the required information is present. After that, the form is locked away in a safe deposit box until the end of the time period that the form is valid for, at which point it is destroyed (confetti shredded or burned). At no point is an electronic copy of a volunteer’s disclosure form allowed to be created (via scanner, fax, photograph, or any other reproductive method).

While Spotswood Soccer Club understands that there are those individuals who are concerned about the potential for identity theft, NJ Youth Soccer (as part of a national network) cannot allow a volunteer in any affiliated club or organization to refuse to disclose the required information and then participate in any activities said club or organization may host. Any club or organization that allows such dissenting individuals to participate faces disciplinary measures up to and including termination of their status as a club member “in good standing” and insurance coverage. Spotswood Soccer must submit a certification notice to NJYS by October 1st of each year stating that all participating volunteers have satisfactorily filled out the Volunteer Disclosure Form, so any individual who does not supply the required document will not be allowed to participate in any capacity for Spotswood Soccer Club after that date even if it means the dissolution of the position, team, or function that said volunteer is responsible for.

The link to the form is below.


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